Kelly’s life and death was centered on impacting others who in turn touched those around them. It is our global responsibility to ensure that our children’s needs are always met, not just basic needs, but their need to grow, learn and develop so they can achieve and reach their highest potential. And it is our foundation’s goal to involve and educate teenagers and the community to help our children satisfy these great “needs.” As the great words of Gandhi expressed, “Be the change you wish to see in this world” - we all know it starts with our children.

As a foundation it will be our great, but necessary, challenge, and honor, to exude our own enthusiasm and instill confidence in all the children we meet. When someone has “touched” our lives, the way Kelly touched so many lives around her, it is our obligation to “touch” and inspire someone else’s life.

The foundation fundraising activities will be focused on building a teaching and learning environment for those teenagers and committee members involved in the foundation as well as building the endowment.