The foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization started in October of 2008 – 2 months after Kelly’s death. The foundation is composed of a board of directors overseeing a committee comprised of six of Kelly’s close friends. This committee will select the recipients of each of the scholarships and donations. Each year the committee will review candidates and determine award recipients based on their academic achievement and philosophy of courage, integrity and compassion they have achieved or inspired in others.

Various fundraising activities will be developed throughout the year that will be designed to create a legacy of community involvement, an education platform and a “pay it forward” concept for all those who volunteer. The majority of the events will be designed and managed by high school volunteers.

Fundraising will be either through direct contribution or attendance at fund raising events such as games, raffles, shows or tournaments. All contributions raised will be managed by the Board of Directors and distributed by the committee members to recipients.

Scholarship recipients will be rated based on solid academic achievement and a rating scale for courage, integrity and compassion based on a written essay as well as input from coaches and teachers.