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BETH REGAN is the first recipient to receive a scholarship from The Kelly Cortesi “Touch a Child” Foundation. She will receive a total of $4,000 over the next four years in $1,000 annual installments. Each award requires a minimum GPA OF 85.

The Kelly Cortesi Scholarship has been made possible by The Kelly Cortesi “Touch a Child” Foundation which was established in October, 2008 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.. Over the next few years, we hope to grow the foundation to not only support college scholarships and dance tuition scholarships but also provide support to other organizations that work with children worldwide.

2009 Winning Essay by Beth Regan

The Foundation established this scholarship to recognize not only the academic achievement of a Putnam Valley High School senior but to recognize attributes that Kelly herself exhibited on a regular basis. These attributes are COURAGE, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION. We hope that Beth will continue to not only exhibit these attributes in her actions and her words but encourage them in others as well.

We owe a tremendous amount of thanks and gratitude to Putnam Valley and the surrounding community for supporting our efforts over the past year in both raising funds for this scholarship but also in supporting our volunteers and participants – many of whom are high school students and friends of Kelly. Without that support, exceptional students like you would go unrecognized.

Congratulations again to Beth as a Kelly Cortesi Scholar, and best of luck to her as she continues her studies!!


Criteria will be based on the following-

How To Apply:

The application process will be as follows-

  • The completed Application turned in with
  • Written Essay* and
  • Written Recommendation(s)**, followed by
  • an Interview with committee and board members.



*The written essay will give examples and reasons why the student has the previously stated qualities and how they have exhibited and/or encouraged these in others. Students will be judged on how they consistently apply these attributes to their everyday living as as extraordinary examples of any one of the above Character Attributes.

**Students can be recommended by teachers, coaches, supervisors, parents and any other mentor. These students MUST be encouraged to follow through with the essay and interview process on their own.

Quarterly Awards:

Quarterly Awards will be initiated school year 2009/2010. Cash prize to be awarded in November, January and March to one senior student each quarter.

One educator from each area of study (Music, Academics, Athletics) will propose a student that has demonstrated solid skills in their area as well as current examples of Courage (awarded in November), Integrity (January), and Compassion (March).

The three educators will then discuss and select the one student among those chosen that should receive the award.

Next Steps: (2009/2010 Process)

Since the committee is currently made up of juniors who, next year, will be part of the application process vying for the scholarship, we will need a group next year that can go through the selection process. The current suggestion is the group working with the quarterly awards and, of course, who know the students well.


Courage - The true ability to undertake tasks with no fear or intimidation and with fortitude. Kelly's willingness to undertake and face every situation and task, easy or difficult, with a smile, a "can-do" attitude, and still stand up for her beliefs - whether it be with her friends, her parents or her coaches and teachers was noted by all that knew her.

Integrity - The true ability to have a sense of honesty and truthfulness in not only your actions but in your words. Kelly was well respected by her peers for not only acting on what was right and what was wrong but ensuring that those around her behaved in a similar manner. She held her friends and family to high standards of openness and reliability while being a good example of these behaviors herself.

Compassion - The true ability to treat others with concern, respect and care as well as undertake actions towards ensuring that other people that come into contact with you are recipients of such behavior. Kelly's involvement in community services as well as her job as a camp counselor exemplified her love of kids and of those less fortunate and her ability to make so many people feel as if they were an exceptional person and friend.

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