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Saturday, February 13th, 2010
Womanless Beauty Pageant – 2nd Annual

The 2nd Annual Womanless Beauty Pageant was held in Putnam Valley as a fundraiser for the foundation. We wish to thank All the lovely contestants, their team of make-up artists and dance choreographers and the pageant directors! It was another successful pageant with a truly worthy winner! Looking forward to next year! Thank you for your generous donations and for attending the event.

     Matt Mascarelli
     Gavin Rinaldo
     Alix Reed
     Kenney Sills
     Kevin Christopher
     Jimmy Ready
     Nick Campanini
     Jake Flegar

Winner: Kevin Christopher
Runner up: Kenney Sills
Auction Winner: Nicole Sawin

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October 16th, 17th, 2009
“1st Annual Cortesi Classic” – Girl’s Field Hockey Tournament

First Game starts at 4:15 on Friday!!!
Lots of prizes, events, tshirts, food, and raffles!
Putnam Valley High School

October 8th, 2009
Powder Puff FootBall Game – 2nd Annual

Senior girls vs. Junior girls – all in support of the foundation
Putnam Valley High School

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Thursday, October 16th, 2008
Powder Puff FootBall Game – 1st Annual

On Thursday, October 16th, 2008, a tremendous event occurred at the Putnam Valley High School. The first being the first fundraiser for The Kelly Cortesi “Touch a Child” Foundation and the second being the first annual Seniors vs. Juniors Powder Puff Football Game.

And it was a tremendous event for all!

Planning for the fundraiser had begun in early September, a short two months after Kelly’s tragic death, with many discussions around what to do, how to do it and where to have it! The Foundation committee was able to parlay activities during Spirit Week into a full blown dedication to Kelly. Her spirit was everywhere to be seen, felt and heard. Both teams engaged in a spirit of sportsmanship to dedicate the game to this amazing junior, who, if she’d been there would have been laughing until she was blue in the face. The pink t-shirts worn by the juniors symbolized her bold love of color and girlishness whereas the enthusiasm generated by the Fundraising team could’ve carried the game.

All of the committee members worked hard in gathering donations (200 hot dogs, 200 buns, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, sodas, water, etc.), gathering equipment (hot dog stand WITH umbrella!) and designing and ordering T-shirts.

And we were never without our butterflies – from the apparel we wore, to the designs on the T-shirts (Savannah, girl, way to pull through on that one!) to bringing our own portable butterflies – Kelly was with us at every point of the game and the fundraiser.

Both the game and the Fundraiser were a tremendous success – both in terms of funds raised as well as fun achieved by all. It was a great way to join together in healing, remembering and celebrating the life of a girl who meant so much to so many. And such a great way to find a bit of sunshine during a time that brings such great sadness to so many because her spirit, her joy, her presence is so sorely missed. We all love Kelly so very much and are so blessed to have so many people that are driven to provide a legacy for her that can mean so much to her family, her friends and to the community that raised her. So, many thanks to everyone – great work and we will continue this journey together both as a healing and learning process!


  • Savannah and Cheryl Brown
  • Rebecca Bierhoff
  • Kyle and Mary Cortesi
  • Tommie Covelli
  • Tianna and MaryJo Daley
  • Jen Davis
  • Terry Kasouras
  • Tara Lovett
  • Jean McGee
  • Rebecca O’Brien
  • Melissa and Lucy Olam
  • Jen Orabona
  • Gavin, Vito and Dianne Rinaldo
  • Barbara Sawin
  • Stephanie Stoisits
  • Georgia Summers
  • Jennifer Wood

Kelly's Canopy

Kelly was a counselor and junior counselor at YMCA Camp Combe in Putnam Valley in 2007 and 2008 and attended as a young camper with her brother, Kyle, for several years. She was also very involved in the Leadership Training program at Camp Combe. Kelly is well loved by campers and counselors alike and will be sorely missed. Kelly’s Canopy is a glorious tribute to Kelly’s love for the outdoors and a true reflection of her involvement in everything from backpacking, hiking, tree-top hiking, skiing, water skiing and her love for the mountains.

The entire structure will be 32 feet tall and will feature a vertical maze of cargo netting in the core. There will also be departure points from the top level for the tree-top hiking elements to be added at a later date. This will be the anchor of our high ropes course. We are very excited about it and are working hard to raise the money for the supplies. The architectural and engineering services have already been donated. We have recruited a decent number of volunteers to construct it and have a great lead gift for the supplies, $10,000. All told we estimate that the materials will cost about $25,000.

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